Hints and Tips

Ordering Certificates

The first step to this is to search on this site for you relative: http://www.freebmd.org.uk

Where you will find information like this:

"Beasley, Thomas Edward of Winchcomb 6a 389 in sep 1909"

From The Register Office, St Georges Road, Cheltenham, GL50 3EW.
Tel: 01242 532455.
Fax: 01242 254600.
E-mail: cheltenham.ro@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Usual fee £7 but phone first to get confirmation of this price and who to write the cheque too. Most registry's are helpful except those in large districts such as ones in London.

You should then order the certificates by enclosing a cheque and with a letter with all the information you know about the person. Do not write stuff about the person you are unsure about as it may delay the application. If the requested certificate is for the wrong person some money may be deducted for admin costs. But they will contact you first to let you know in this eventuality.

The certificate should list the information on the persons mother, father to get which will get you going started.

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