Hints and Tips

First Steps

If your have just begun your first steps towards the creation of your tree it is best to seek out what information you already know, begin by writing down what you know about your families, it is also worth writing down anything that has been rumoured about your ancestry although don’t take it as fact but bare it mind when researching further into the tree as rumours usually have a basis in fact. The other areas should be in a collating photographs and seeking out any other work that may have been done by relatives.

The next step should be to expand your search to ask questions of willing relatives especially if you are limited by the time you might be able to retrieve the information. As this can be vital in securing information about those hard to seek ancestors. It would then be an idea to write up the information you have into a family tree program. There are many ancestry programs out there and many of them are shareware free versions that are readily available. If you are an advanced user it may be difficult to find one especially if it is shareware that does everything that you want in one package. Therefore I suggest that you may wish to view your information in different packages through exporting and importing files. This however can be problematic as it may result in a loss of some information.

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